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I was going to smile care for about 2yrs now. Why i haven't left ...because their hours and I'm a single parent, but i reached my point.

I just called yesterday to pay my bill that 700 bucks, and to make appts for other things i need. They kept me on hold for 15-20 minutes then came on the phone and ask if the finance lady can call me back, because whenever i speak to someone else i get different answers...Wrong answers, one if the mangers told me they will bill me 3mnts down the road for this bill in Jan, because u just spent 1k getting my wisdom teeth pulled, which i didn't get the proper cleaning tools for, and had to go back, but 4hrs went by she didn't call back so i called again, they put me on hold forever and then said she can't come to the phone OMG how rude is that. This is just when im trying to pay my bill so just imagine other services. TERRIBLe( all the good doctors they had left).

Bottom line noone ever knows whats going on with my files.

i have an appt for something and they want to do another. very poor Management, and after over 2k dollars spent my teeth are not getting better to me thats why im checking with another place.

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